relative paths for bulk font configuration?

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relative paths for bulk font configuration?


I have a simple question: when bulk-configuring fonts with the
<directory> element inside a FOP configuration file, this only seems to
work with absolute paths. Yet, when embedding fonts individually with
the <font> element, the value for the @embed-url attribute is
interpreted relative to the <font-base> setting.

For example:

     <renderer mime="application/pdf">
         <!-- register all the fonts found in a directory -->
         <font embed-url="myFonts1/Arial.ttf">
           <font-triplet name="Arial" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

This works, as long as the path inside <directory> is an absolute path;
directories specified as relative paths aren't found. Yet, the relative
path "myFonts1/Arial.ttf" in the @embed-url attribute is resolved
without problems.

Of course it would be great if <directory> could also handle relative
paths. Is the current situation an oversight or a conscious decision? In
the latter case, I think it would make sense to make this more explicit
in the documentation at



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