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Tuning hyphenation

Gabor Kovesdan

I use FOP to render PDF from my Java programming book. I need
hyphenation because it is a must for high-quality printed books but some
parts of the text should not be hyphenated, e.g. Java keywords. They are
rendered with a monospace font set by a <fo:inline> tag. What I would
like to do is to disable hyphenation for these terms but the problem is
that fo:inline does not support the hyphenate attribute, it is only
applicable to fo:block but not fo:inline. I realized that inserting a
Unicode WORD JOINER character to the critical place often avoids
hyphenation. I also try to insert specific hyphentation rules that avoid
the hyphenation of that particular term. If everything fails, I slightly
rephrase the sentence. However, I'm wondering if there's a better
solution. I've spent so many hours on investigating this but the final
result is still not very convenient.

Thank you in advance.



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