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Luca Furini
Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

> Yeah, as an example: try reading some Postmodern Philosophy... Many pages
> that are filled for 75% with footnotes offering comments/notes on the ideas
> that appear on the other 25% (even pages containing nothing *but* footnotes,
> continued from a previous page). I guess it's not as much fun to read as it
> is to write layout code for handling those situations... :-)

Thanks for this example.

I modified the footnote handling, so at the moment:

- in "normal" situations, a content line is placed in a page together
  with, at least, a piece of the first footnote cited in it

- if a page break defers (either totally or partially) some footnotes, the
  first feasible break point after it has fewer constraints, in order to
  avoid the creation of a page with no content lines

- if the page containg the last content line has no space for all
  remaining footnotes, one or more pages are created to store them

I wrote some new testfiles (all of them passing) to show a wide range of

If this layout strategy is not correct, or you find some new example that
makes the algorithm fail, let me know!