Issue in ligature implementation for Hindi(Indian language)

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Issue in ligature implementation for Hindi(Indian language)

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I am working on rendering hindi( Indian Language) in my PDF using Apache FOP.
Some of the hindi letters are nor rendered correctly mainly the ligature
implementation is not happening.
I have followed steps mentioned in the FOP site and have used compatible
Devanagari format : Mangal version 5.9  which is recommended on your
On website it is also mentioned that

Support for Devanagari is partial and join controls (ZWJ, ZWNJ) not yet
supported. Does that mean current 2.3 version of  fop does not supports
Devanagari fully ?

Attaching screenshot of content rendered in PDF I generated using Mangal

 and also how it should like like. This text is also rendered using Mangal ttf but using japser pdf library and not apache FOP.

I tried using the jar provided on the link below but is not working so I am
using fop-2.3 version.

Have also tried disabling complex scripts too.

Could you please let me know what I am doing wrong or how can this issue be

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