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FOP-produced PDF print job size

Richard M
Wonder if anyone has seen similar size problems.

I have a .fo document that runs fine through fop. It produces an 8 page
document from data in a database. It is most numbers, sort of
spreadsheet-like - about 35 rows with 19 columns, plus a header and
footer. Most cells have either 1 .5pt dotted borders or a 1pt solid

The PDF file is not that large, about 345kB. However when I print it to
a HP Laserjet 2100 (using the PCL6 driver) it blows up to 27MB in size
and takes forever to print (about 1 page every two minutes).

We typically use fop to transform our SVG charts to PDF and they print
quite quickly (the pdf is usually less than 20kB however).

Is there a trick to speeding things up?

Thank you - Richard

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