FOP 2.1 Page numbering difference from .20.5

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FOP 2.1 Page numbering difference from .20.5

Kyle Chipps

In upgrading from .20.5 to 2.1 the page numbering behavior of the attribute initial-page-number seems to be different for me.  I was wondering if this is the case for anyone else. 

I have a single pdf file that contains multiple page sequences, they all have the attribute "initial-page-number=1'  So for a 10 page document I have page numbers 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5, 1/5, 2/5,3/5,4/5, and 5/5. 

The numbering of fo:page-number and fo:page-number-citation are correct.  However when I open the document in adobe reader the page numbers are the same as above. 

This is different from .20.5.  The same situation where there are multiple page sequences all setting initial-page-number to 1, the PDF reader would count the pages from 1 to the end, and the fo:page numbers would count according to the defined sequence.

This is causing problems when printing specific pages from PDF readers.  If I choose print page 4, I may not get the expected output.  Has the behavior of fo:initial-page-number changed since .20.5?