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Branch merged back into HEAD

Jeremias Maerki
A little sooner than announced but the branch is now merged back into
HEAD. I was lucky on a Friday the 13th and didn't have a single conflict
to resolve. I hope no anomalies show up and I did everything right. It's
the first time I merged a whole branch using CVS. Fingers crossed.

To make things easier for Luca I've tagged the branch before merging it.
Just in case that helps you create the right patch you can the apply to
HEAD when you're ready. Tag is "Before_Merge_KnuthStylePageBreaking_Back_To_HEAD"
on the branch.

The protection zone on the layout managers is lifted. Fire free! That's
an order! :-)

Thanks for everybody's patience and support while rewriting the page
breaking mechanism. Special thanks to Luca for providing the basics and
his invaluable initial algorithm for the combined element lists on
tables. I think we can call the approach with the branch a success even
if it took a little longer than planned. We're now a step closer to
where we want to go even if it meant taking another step back first.

FOP lives!

Jeremias Maerki